Iron-information for physicians

The iron deficiency syndrome and the intravenous iron therapy are concealed in the textbooks and at the universities. Therefore, the knowledge must be acquired elsewhere. The Swiss Iron Health Organisation SIHO has developed a course that is available to every doctor at the iron workshop.

Those who attend the iron workshop can run their own SIHO-certified medical iron center. Those who acquire the knowledge outside the iron workshop are also able to diagnose and treat their patients with iron deficiency. The dosage formula EasyFer is available for calculating the individual iron requirement. The basis for this is the Iron Code 1152. This formula was developed between 2010 and 2016 in Health Banking on the basis of a steadily growing Swiss data collection on the correlation between iron and health using multiple linear regression analysis.

Training to become an iron doctor is important. Too many people suffer from an untreated iron deficiency.

In Switzerland, a national iron system has been established that has become an indispensable part of the Swiss healthcare system. The concept for diagnostics, therapy and prevention is known under the name Swiss Iron System SIS. More about this smoothly functioning principle can be found here.